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Dawn  Blackstone founded The Exercise Space in 2007 to provide an option to exercising outside of the gym. Fitness can be fun and does not have to be in a gym! We are all motivated in different ways.   At The Exercise Space our trainers work with our clients to help them discover what it is that motivates them to move and eat well.
The Exercise Space specializes in functional fitness and nutritional consultation.  We train clients of all ages and abilities, from the novice to the professional. Personal Training is available at your space, via webcam (Skype) or outside. We can show you how to get fit with just your own body weight and a few simple tools!

Dawn Blackstone CPT, CES, ASNS

Owner & Trainer

  • -NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    -NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)
  • -NASM Certified Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist
  •  -ATI Consultant for Item Writing Workshop - NASM Exam
    -Contracted Trainer of The Four Seasons Seattle

Dawn’s philosophy of exercise comes directly from her life. She grew up active in sports, martial arts, and the outdoors. This provided a natural base for her to transition into teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle and keep active by enjoying the physical nature of exercise.

“I take a realistic approach to inspire and motivate my clients to find their balance in living a fit lifestyle. What we feed our body reflects in how our body behaves. ‘Moderation, not deprivation’ is my motto and I am known for constantly mixing up my clients workouts so they never get bored!”   -Dawn Blackstone

Amy Higbee RDN, CD, CPT 

-Registered and Certified Dietician

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Illinois Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from John Carroll University.  Additionally, Amy holds a certificate in Personal Training from The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is certified in Adult Weight Management.  In the greater Seattle area, Amy has worked as a Registered Dietician Consultant for more than 8 years and also contributes healthy recipes and nutrition tips for families on

Amy has always enjoyed being active, especially in the outdoors, and became interested in cooking at a young age.  With her love of science, food and health, Amy was naturally drawn to the fields of nutrition and fitness.

“I am passionate about helping others incorporate good eating and fitness into their busy lives!  I believe in the power of healthful eating and exercise to give us the energy and strength to do the things we love!”  -Amy Higbee


Types Of Training and Services Offered at The Exercise Space:

Personal Training in Your Home, Office or Outside – learn more

Web Cam Training (via Skype) – Train in the comfort of your own home!  It’s just like your trainer is in the room with you, correcting form, counting reps, and demonstrating exercises.  Isabella, who resides in Germany, has lost 50 lbs while training with Dawn via Skype!  Try now.

Buddy Training – Workout with a buddy – learn more

Nutritional Consultation – Individual meal plans to teach you how to eat healthy, but still enjoy your food (no diets!)  Counseling done by Registered Dietician and NASM certified Personal Trainer, Amy Higbee.

See what clients have to say about The Exercise Space on Yelp

5 Stars

12/19/2012 J C. Auburn, WA

Dawn has literally changed my life.  I came to her with abdominal nerve damage that made traditional exercises like situps and pushups painful.  I had compensated for years, and was all lopsided.  One leg was bigger than the other, my balance was off, etc.  I don’t know all the certifications Dawn has (but I know she has several), but I do know that she is so incredibly knowledgeable about what she does that she has evened out my muscle groups, strengthened my core, improved my cardio fitness, and made me stronger and happier.  Dawn’s workouts are fun and challenging, and like other posters have said, they are tailored to the individual and never exactly the same.  We also discuss nutrition and recipes.  Up until recently I did all this in just one workout with her a week (and she gives homework if you’re willing and able, but not if it’s too much).  Now I try to squeeze in a second workout with her here and there.  To top it all off, Dawn is a really good person

5 Stars
6/29/2010 LE M Seattle, WA

Dawn Kawczynski is the best personal trainer. She customizes the workout and diet plans for each client, so you get a lot of individual attention to your particular goals and never get bored. It is never the same workout twice! The Exercise Space is completely private so you can work out your own way to your own music, at your own pace, etc. Having a studio to yourself is so great, you really should try it, because really: being able to grunt and swear out loud totally helps with finishing that third set. Dawn is certified NASM, NFPT, and sports nutrition, so you know you can trust her advice and that she’ll always conduct sessions in the most professional manner.

Try it out, I think there are new client deals. This was the only thing that worked for me to lose over 20 pounds. Why not improve your fitness like the celebs do and get a personal trainer? It is more affordable than you think, because even if you only go like once a week, Dawn can give you homework to do on your own and keep your diet on track by checking on your food diary. She does some group classes as well, which are a total deal.

5 Stars
5/4/2010 David S. Seattle, WA

I have been with Dawn for over three years now. When she left the fitness club where I worked with her to open her own studio, I immediately followed. I am probably in the best shape of my life now. While she pushes me to be my best, she still understands we all have off days (and sometimes off weeks) and accommodates the peaks and valleys. I don’t think we have ever done the same workout in all three years, and I never knew there were so many different ways to do push-ups. Her rates are very reasonable as far as trainers are concerned. I don’t hesitate to highly recommend The Exercise Space. You will be challenged, but the result is worth it!

5 Stars
5/7/2010 r n. Seattle, WA

I just can’t get enough of Dawn. Whenever I get the chance, I try to exercise with her. She’s versatile, knowledgeable, takes a holistic approach, caters to my ever-changing needs and is flexible with her schedule. We even do “mommy and me” appointments. I have a toddler and a preschooler and when we’re all feeling ambitious–all three of us go together. Dawn is great at keeping their attention and getting them involved with the exercises–she keeps it fun and safe for all of us. I love to exercise and take great pride in teaching my kids this important part of life.

5 Stars
5/5/2010 Karen P. Seattle, WA

I’ve been training with Dawn for about 3 years. She is so very good. I quit my last trainer because I was so bored. Dawn’s training is different every time. If something hurts or doesn’t feel right, the minute I tell her she has a different exercise immediately that works perfectly. I have never experienced this before. Her workouts are interesting, challenging and I always feel much better afterward regardless of how I felt physically or mentally before.
I have recommended her to other people and they are just as happy as I am. Get yourself healthier, you’ll be challenged and enjoy it.

5 Stars
April S. Seattle, WA

Dawn is the best trainer ever!! She does an awesome job motivating her clients to reach their goals and makes working out a lot of fun. She has so many different workout routines, I never did the same workout twice. I highly recommend The Exercise Space if you are looking to get healthy the right way

5 stars
5/5/2010 A. S.Lynnwood, WA

I have been training with Dawn for three years. I am a male in my 60′s and when I started with Dawn I was very out of shape. I had problems with my knees and lower back for many prior years. After strengthening the muscles around my knees and strengthening my core, I no longer have knee problems or back problems. I am able to enjoy outdoor activities now that would cause my knees or back to hurt in the past, such as, hiking, biking and snowshoeing. Dawn has designed my workouts to address my needs and physical limitations. She is very creative, providing energetic, varied and fun exercise programs. One of the fun things about Dawn is that she invents new exercises so that each time I work with her I am doing something different from prior sessions. If you are looking for a highly qualified, energetic, caring trainer, I recommend Dawn.

5 Stars
4/4/2010 Mark B. Seattle
I am a weekend warrior that takes my sports very seriously. I was getting old and it was getting tough to remain competitive. I’d tell Dawn what I needed to be better at and she always had a workout ready to help me strengthen my aging muscles. I’ve been able to win now at the national level. Dawn is more than a trainer. She walks her walk and is one of the more fit people I know. Everyone benefits from working out with Dawn.
Dawn doesn’t just train athletes or help you lose weight. She helps you understand and achieve a healthier life.

5 Stars
5/4/2010 Isabella L. Seattle, WA

Dawn is an awesome trainer. I’ve been working with her for 6 months and our workouts are always new and different. I look forward to our workouts which is really great since I’m not really fond of exercising. From the beginning she has been very supportive to help me reach my goals. She is really good at helping to find the things that work for me.

5 Stars

5/6/2010 Michael C.Bainbridge Island, WA

Dawn is a great PT- always prepared with a series of exercises for your session and ready to adjust your program instantly depending on your energy level – I fully recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer

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