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mt-hoar-willoughbysm.jpgRecently I was hiking with a friend, we were chatting and taking in the beauty of the woods. All of a sudden I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned back to look at my friend…she heard it too. We kept quite for a moment to see if what we heard would happen again. A couple seconds later, it happened again. It was a whistle, loud and clear. We froze and listened keenly. Again. It was definitely a whistle we concluded, couldn’t be a bird. I got my whistle out and kept it handy. Then we heard another tone of whistle. Maybe two separate parties were lost and trying to find each other we thought. We kept climbing hoping we were not being warned away from danger and actually walking into it. We wanted to help if someone was in need. As we climbed and climbed we kept hearing these whistles back and forth. As time went on I realized the whistles kept moving, and seemed almost too regulated to be someone in distress. My friend and I both know a whistle is a call of danger or need. Finally as we acended the mountain and no sign of anyone in need, we decided it must have been birds. How silly we felt. However that incident is what promted me to write this for all of you. A whistle is a very useful tool to ward off danger in our everyday lives even in the city – it alerts others to possible danger. And in the wilderness it has saved many lives. You don’t need a fancy whistle any old one will do. Be safe!

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