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One of the many benefits of regular strength training is having strong bones. Your bone density increases when lifting heavy objects, in turn, decreasing your chances of breaking a bone if you have a fall. Take it from Mark (the unhealthy guy turned expert mountain bike racer featured back in March). Yes, he gave me a bird’s eye view of his ball of tumbling body and bike.

mark-fall.jpg mark-fall4.jpg mark-fall3.jpg

Mark has competed in 4 races so far this season, placing 5th, 15th , 8th and 9th (even with this nasty fall). Usually just seconds off the podium, Mark is continuing to hold off his fat loss and work out hard. Currently at 209 lbs and 24.4% body fat, Mark looks and feels stronger then ever. Despite a few crashes…and some minor injuries, he is still determined to get on the podium! For more detailed info on bone density check out: Natural News

For more photos and stories on mountain biking check out : Bones over Metal

mark_closeup.jpg 32329-349-014f.jpg

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