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This time he was different,
he not only wanted to race, he wanted to win!

onpodium.jpgWhen Mark and I first started working together in March 07, he came to me to get ‘in shape’ for the upcoming mountain bike race season. Mark was 39 years old, 6′ tall and weighed 223 lbs with a body fat of 30% (typically unhealthy). Biking had been a casual hobby for the previous few summers, but this year he wanted to race. Having not worked out formally in decades, I first identified and began to correct some muscle imbalances Mark had developed from long hours of sitting in front of his computer. I then incorporated a lot of balance, stability, and core muscle work into his routine, before we knew it the first race was upon us (in photo, left)…and I didn’t work with Mark again until January 08.

This time he was different, he not only want to race, he wanted to win! He was serious. We weighed him in at 220lbs and a body fat of 29.1%seatac_08.jpg January 2nd 2008. Mark began training with me 3 times a week at The Exercise Space and was committed to coming to BodyWalk class on Sunday mornings (a 2-3 mile walk/jog with strength work for overall muscle work.) We began slow, re-igniting his core muscles, and tightening his balance and stability. If he wanted to win we needed to work on his cardiovascular abilities and eventually increase strength and endurance. With previous injuries incurred from various accidents Mark was unable to run for years. In Phase 1 Mark began jogging in 30 second intervals with 3 minutes of walking in between. Within 6 weeks Mark was running 3 miles, and sprinting up hills. During this time we focussed on light weights with high reps to prepare his joints for the work to come. At this point, mid February, Mark weighed in at 211lbs and a body fat of 25.5%. I gave him 1 week off from training where he rested and went on some light rides.

Back in training for Phase 2, we began to lift heavier weights, still incorporating core work, with less focus on cardio (he was getting enough of this on his daily bike runs). By March 1st Mark weighed in at 214lbs and a body fat of 25.2%. In 2 months Mark lost 10lbs of fat, and had gained 4 lbs of muscle. Pleased with is results, Mark still thought he could do more. He decided to go stimulant free as of March 8th (1 month before the first race of the season). That meant cutting out his daily 6 cups of coffee, nightly beers, and midnight bowls of ice cream! Oh no. One week later, Mark was going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, and more refreshed.

fly.jpg jump.jpg ball_crunch.jpg ball_squat.jpgmark_stairs-321.jpgmrk_stairs.jpg

In recap, here are his stats:

3/07 – 223lbs, 30% body fat= 66.9lbs fat, 156.1lbs lean body mass

1/08 – 220lbs, 29.1% body fat= 64.02lbs fat, 155.9lbs lean body mass

2/08 – 211lbs, 25.5% body fat= 53.8lbs fat, 157.2lbs lean body mass

3/08 – 214lbs. 25.2% body fat= 53.9lbs fat, 160.1lbs lean body mass

Stay tuned as the story continues and Mark prepares for his first race of the season, April 6th in Port Angeles, WA.

Good Luck Mark! :)

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  • Tara Kawczynski says:

    That is pretty remarkable that he was able to get into great shape after being at 30% body fat! It takes alot of hard work and dedication ( and a great trainer :-) ) to accomplish that.

  • LE says:

    Good luck in your race, Mark! I’m sure you’ll do great now that you have a mascot.

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