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I invite all you healthy minded people to give your 2 cents on finding healthy food to eat for lunch downtown Seattle. I know it is a challenge to eat healthy when ordering out, but many of our choices can fit into a healthy meal plan. For instance a client of mine recently introduced me to Red Bowls, on 3rd&Columbia. The ‘Good Heart’ is delicious if you are looking for a vegetarian option, and the ‘Radical’ is great if your in the mood or some sushi. Want a salad, try Cocoa Banana salad bar on 2nd & James, or Market Fresh on 4th & Marion (just stay away from the hot foods side).  Please comment with your healthy favorites!

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  • askeels says:

    If you are craving a sandwich, you can special order them online at and then go pick up the sandwich from Specialty’s. (Be sure you select the correct Specialty’s Store you will pick up from.) You can change, delete and add items to get the fat content and calories where you want them. For instance, if you order a turkey sandwich without any changes, you’ll get a sandwich that has 7.32 grams of fat and 394 calories. However, if you change it (use their Edit button) by changing to a Ciabatta Roll, deleting the Mayonnaise, and adding Honey Dijon Mustard, you end up with a sandwich with 3.6 grams of fat and 318 calories. Tasty sandwiches too!
    Thanks Anand, great info! -Dawn

  • Scot Kelly says:

    Uwajimaya has sushi for a fairly cheap price ($5), and a produce section. They also have Falafel, which are quite filling and lower calorie (under 300 calories according to the label). They are a little bit past the Sushi in a cooled section. There is also a Vietnamese place across from the fire station on 2nd avenue named Cafe Hue (314 Second Avenue). They have spring rolls too, with either all vegetables or with shrimp. Those are low calorie and not fried.
    Sounds good! Thanks Scot! Dawn

  • askeels says:

    World Wrapps has a realtively healthy wrap. It is a “small” Tofu and Mushroom Teriyaki wrap. Calories 387.2g, fat 6.49g, carbs 57.7g, protein 11.11g. Four locations downtown. Google World Wrapps. Yum!

  • Dawn says:

    I recently had lunch at Soup Daddy’s (Occidental Ave), and was very impressed. All very fresh ingredients, you can have soup, sandwich or salad. I had a cup of Chicken Barley, which was delicious in it’s tomato broth. I heard the vegetarian split pea is a good choice as well.

  • dsprinkle says:

    I found a great Website for carb/calorie calculations:

    Let’s just say that I won’t be having any Taco del Mar jumbo burritos any time soon…

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