The Exercise Space

I have been down this road before…you know the deal, the regimented diet, strict exercise plan. It is too much for me! I try and fail, I try again and fail. I even went so far as to try the diet pills. As soon as I stopped, I gained it all back. I got tired of the yo yo syndrome. It was not until I met Dawn and started to train with her that I actually, for the very first time, believed I may actually be able to do this. She did not drastically change me, no absolute strict diet, no absolute strict workout routine. Instead each time we met, she would ask me ‘How are you today”, “How have your food choices been”, “Have you been active?”. She never made me feel like I was not being ‘good’, or not following a plan. She encouraged me to make better choices, educating me on why it is better to chose certain things over others. She allowed me to empower myself to feel like I could do this, I am doing this! It has only been 5 weeks and I have already lost 13lbs. I feel better, I sleep better, I concentrate better! And it is never boring – each time we meet I have a completely different workout…not sure how she does it, but she has an instinct for exercise and makes it fun. She embodies it, so it easy to follow. Dawn is not your typical trainer, I have had others and did not succeed. Thank you, Dawn. – Jen Dawson 12/07

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