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Scot Kelly 2/08I met Dawn in June 2007, and I was 227 pounds. I had been working out on my own since March and lost 10 pounds, but got in to a rut. I joined a new gym and my new trainer pushed me as if I were in the military. I could hardly walk out of there. I was afraid of my next appointment. Luckily I was able to switch trainers, and met Dawn. She approached me in a completely different way. I told her my routine and food habits, but I told her I didnt have much control.

She told me to stop what I was doing, and try her way. I decided to give up what I was doing before, because my best thinking only gave me a 10 pound weight loss in 4 months. Instead of giving me a cookie cutter routine, she designs each workout for my needs. With her help in exercise and diet, I lost 40 pounds in four months. I even referred my mother and a friend to her, and would recommend that everyone try a workout her way. It will be challenging, but the rewards will be better and much faster than going at a fitness program alone or a typical workout program.

- Scot Kelly

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