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I recently tested out the RunKeeper Pro App for the iPhone and would like to share my findings with you.

 Overall I think this is a pretty useful fitness app and I would recommend it for tracking mileage of activities such as biking, running, walking, hiking, mountain biking, or cycling. It claims to also keep track of rowing, skating, skiing, snow boarding, elliptical, swimming, and wheel chair- none of which I have tried out yet.  The one that intrigues me is the swimming, not sure how I can safely attach my iPhone to me while swimming under water???


- Accurate Tracking of Distance (both on bike and by foot).This is due to the GPS. There is a ‘manual entry’ option for places where there is no GPS signal and you want to manually enter your activity information.  At any time you are able to swipe the screen to the left to view your current map, or swipe to the right and see your current splits or training interval.

- Accurate Track of Time and Pace. I tested it against my pedometer and bike mileage tracker and the results were nearly exact.

- Music Play Lists.  This is very helpful in passing the time, as with any exercise ;)   You can select music from your iPod app to listen to while you workout. 

- Target Pace. You can set a target pace and the voice ‘coach’ will let you know when you need to pick up the pace to hit your target!

- Interval Settings. The ’coach’ will remind you when to pick up the pace or slow down in accordance with your preset interval program.  There are a few general ones to choose from and you have the option to make your own custom interval workout. 

- Data is Synced to RunKeeper Website.  This allows you to view your history of workouts and see your stats.  You also have the option to share your info via Facebook & Twitter. 


- Compatible With iPhone 3, 3GS, or 4 Only.  Sorry Droid owners  :(

- Drains Your Phone Battery.   Mine had 30% remaining after a 1.5 hour walk.  I did later find out you can use your phone’s lock button to reduce battery consumption of the app.

-Caloric Burn Numbers Are Off.  I found RunKeeper Pro to nearly double my calories burned during my workouts.   I measured this against my trusted Heart Rate Monitor.  This is due to the lack of personal data collected when entering settings and lack of heart rate monitor compatibility.  There is no input for age, height, or fitness level.  These are all necessary factors when estimating calorie burn.

All in all I think RunKeeper Pro gives you a lot for the price of $9.99.  Throughout the month of January it is FREE, so even better!

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