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Tea Time!

November 12, 2007

I was never a tea drinker…until I discovered good tea!  Everybody’s idea of good tea may be a bit different, but Japanese toasted rice tea (Genmaicha) turned me into a tea drinker.  Before that I used to think tea tasted like dirty dish water…think Lipton…oops sorry Lipton.  Now I am drinking green tea, black tea, red tea, white tea, and herbal teas – never knew there were so many!  As you may have heard, they all contain polyphenols which give tea its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants may help protect our body from free radical damage. Tea actually ranks as high as or higher than many fruits and vegetables in the ORAC score, a score which measures antioxidant potential of plant-based foods. Numerous studies have demonstrated the anti-cancer properties of polyphenols. Some studies suggested that tea’s polyphenols may reduce risk of gastric, esophageal and skin cancers if one consumes 4 to 6 cups daily. My mom recently turned me on to a tea perfect for this time of year – Immunity Boosterrosehip shells (vitamin C), orange peel (antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties), lemon peel (vitamin C and healthy circulation), echinacea root (immune system stimulant), cinnamon bark (increases vitality), and ginger root (anti-imflammatory, gastric stimulation).  I got mine at New Civilitea in Salem , MA –

Somehow I did not catch any of the ‘things’ going around lately.  All I can say is drink more tea!

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