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Not EVERY day! Our bodies fluctuate on a daily basis depending on time of day, hydration level, sodium intake, and time of month (for women). Try to stick to once a week for checking the scale as far as weight loss progress. Pay more attention to how your clothing fits, hunger/fullness signals, portion size, and energy level. It is easy to get obsessed by jumping on the scale every morning and letting that number rule your day.

When you do hop on the scale, make sure it is at the same time of day, with the same clothing, and the same amount of time after having consumed food or liquids. Try not to get hung up on a number, but rather how you are feeling: increased energy, able to climb hills without huffing and puffing, effortlessly carrying bags of groceries up 3 flights of stairs. I know, easier said then done, but at least try! If the number goes up, buckle down and move more- walk/run an extra mile for the next week,  go out dancing or bowling instead of sitting through the latest theater release, get off the bus 3 stops early and walk to your destination, go for a Happy Hour walk instead of a Happy Hour drink, or take the dog for an extra walk. Then eat a little less: leave a bite or two of every meal and snack.

We tend to make it about the numbers and forget that muscle does weigh more than fat.  Instead of weighing yourself everyday, make it a point to really be in tune to how your body is feeling throughout the day.  Pay attention to what it is telling you.  If you listen, you won’t need the scale to talk back to you every day!

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  • kpierce says:

    I agree, numbers can be misleading if you don’t weigh yourself with the same set of factors. We know when we are being responsible…or not. Once a week is plenty for me and when I’m paying attention to my goals, the numbers can be a pleasant surprise.
    Right on! – Dawn

  • Tara Kawczynski says:

    I agree completely, weighing yourself weekly is the way to go. I can easily implement these great suggestions on how to get a little more exercise into my day.
    Powerful words!

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