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This Shape Magazine article is pretty good…

I practice #4.
I always eat my meals off a smaller plate!  It’s amazing how much less you will eat and still be satisfied.
I’m also a fan of #7 ;)
Even if you don’t hire me, find a trainer that you like and is qualified, and you will learn from them.
I practice #14 everyday.
Remember moderation not deprivation!  I love every bite of my sweet treat in the evening after dinner.  Lately it has been a few spoonfuls of Dryer’s Lite Slow Churned Ice Cream (chocolate chip in particular) or a Bryers Smooth & Creamy Caramel Brownie.
#16 is great info to know.
Before you go out… my international favorite healthy meals to order out are:
Thai – fresh spring rolls and chicken satay
Mexican – grilled fish tacos minus the creamy sauce
Japanese – steamed edaname and a salmon/avocado roll &/or shashimi
Itlaian – Chioppino (seafood stew in tomato broth)
I’m also a huge fan to mix it up and keep your body & mind stimulated and challenged.
And last but not least.
This is one of my favorite things to do!  Yard work is so satisfactory and a super good workout.  Just remember to wear your sunblock and keep your core tight when raking, gardening and lifting .
You’ll fill your daily Vitamin D quota as well!

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