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VERY EXCITING — Start the 30 Day Challenge TODAY!!!

The workouts and the meal plan for the challenge were designed by The Exercise Space owner, Dawn Blackstone, based off of her professional experience in the fitness and nutrition industry.  This balanced exercise and food plan works!


I can’t recommend this program enough- Eapecially for new moms!!! And it doesn’t have to end after 30 days- I’ve been doing it for  3 months now post pardom and not only have I lost all of my pregnancy weight (34 lbs) but I’m down an extra 5!!!  I’ve done all the cardio workouts on walks with my son in my ergo carrier And now in his jogging stroller (he’s 6 months old now). I do the strength workouts while he’s napping, even though I’m exhausted some days- I still fit it in- I need to take care of myself theses days too!  And it’s paying off, I have so much more energy (even when I’m up several times per night) and my back pain has gone completely away.  Thanks so much Dawn for making this challengimg time one of the fittest in my life!!!

Darcy M.  Seattle WA

“Well I accepted Dawns 30 Day Challenge 30 Days ago and I am now 9 lbs lighter and a whole lot more fit!  I started the week before Thanksgiving Week and it was the kickstart I needed to break bad habits as the holiday season was starting.  Thanks Dawn!

-Jonica H Virginia

“I was at a point where I realized I needed to get healthier and change my awful diet.   I had double chin and my stomach was not where I wanted it to be.  I was put on this  30 Day healthier eating/exercise plan by Dawn Blackstone and it made a world of difference.  In just under 2 weeks I witnessed many positive changes that I couldn’t believe! I do not own a scale so I have no idea how much weight I have lost, however I have been able to fit into a pair of pants that I couldn’t previously zip up.  I feel great!  It’s a lifestyle change and a way of life that I look forward to keeping up with even after the 30 days is over.  

Heather K. Boston MA

Your 30 Day Challenge will be laid out for you with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert options.  No fancy supplements or expensive and hard to find foods here. Many of the recipes I will share with you are my very own, foods I eat everyday!  You will receive 4 weeks of cardio and strength workouts (6 days per week), with variations and progressions.  Your workouts will not require a gym membership or any fancy equipment.  There is even a vegetarian version and options for eating out and on the go!  SO what are you waiting for - sign up now!

Make sure to visit to my Facebook Page to post your progress, challenges, and general comments, so that I can follow your progress — and also to help motivate and inspire all of the others who will be doing the challenge WITH YOU!

GOOD LUCK everyone … I can’t wait to hear how many inches and pounds you will lose….and how much strength, focus, and satisfaction you will gain.


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