The Exercise Space


You may think of driving a car as a passive activity, weare sitting down after all!  If you spend many hours behind the wheel you may notice how your legs get stiff, your back tightens, your neck aches etc.  Now imagine driving (or better yet racing) a rally car!  I recently took a performance driving lesson at Dirt Fish Rally School in Snoqualmie WA.  Not only was I blown away by how addictive and fun race car driving was, but also by the physical strength it requires from your body. 

You may notice the funny faces I am making in my rally car video while my  instructor (Nate Tennis) is driving, but my body noticed these things in my rally car class:

  • My core was forced to engage just to keep me in my seat! 
  • My legs were tired by trying to stabalize them as we turned around the obstacles on the rally course. 
  • My neck felt like I had whip lash the next day. 
  • My shoulders were tired from attentive steering and turning the wheel.

Even if you don’t plan on visiting a rally car racing school (although I highly recommend it!) for some outside the box fun…regular daily driving can also benefit from a fit and strong body.  If your up for some awesome fun check out Dirt Fish Rally School!

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