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On Saturday August 29th my 2 teammates and I had quite the adventure…and workout while participating in the Oyster Adventure Race Series in Seattle. Finishing 3rd was a wonderful reward! It is a crazy challenge for the adventurist and the very fit!

Huge thanks to Recycled Cycles Bike Shop for the awesome road bikes which made our rides not only more enjoyable…but helped us earn 3rd place! Our bikes were perfectly fitted to us by the very knowledgeable staff member Andy Voight, and the store general manager Ted was awesome too! Recycled Cycles not only rents bikes, they also sell used and new bikes, as well as offer classes too. Check them out at

The race began with a blind folded ride with bags over our heads on The Duck. I, along with one member of every other team (there were 80 teams total) were transported to a mystery location, while our teammates all ran from home base in lower Queen Anne to a 2nd location. After arriving at our mystery location (Palisades restaurant) we were given a passport telling us to run to Kerry Park to meet up with our teammates.

Our second leg (no resting in between unless you want to sacrifice time) was a mission to bike to the ‘Gum Wall’ and add our own gum then return to home base.

pre-race.jpeg pre-race-space-needle.jpg 1st-leg.jpg gum-wall.jpg wrong-comm-booard.jpeg

capt-bob.jpg slut-suduku.jpg lenin-stat-almost-finsh.jpg after-finish-m-d-t.jpeg placeboard.jpg

accepting-3rd-prize.jpeg recycled-cycles-post-race.jpg after-race.jpg

Next mission was to bike to University District Farmer’s Market and find Captain Bob and eat a smoked oyster, then proceed to Green Lake where 2 of us had to kayak (thank you Tiffany for your rock strong arms), while the 3rd teammate had to go to The Woodland Dog Park and pick up dog poop! Luckily we had Mark on our team who knows this city like the back of his hand and he led us by bike over the Aurora Bridge (shortest and flattest route to home base) setting us up to be in 1st place when we returned!

Next we had to run all the way to the I.D. and find the Chinese Community Board and decipher a quasicryptoquote (I still don’t really know what this word means) which would disclose our next destination. We had a bit of trouble solving this puzzle and lost about 30 minutes. We finally gave up and followed another team which lead us to the Aquarium where we had to take a photo of the vacuum cleaner of the sea (not a pretty creature) and then we ran back to home base.

Our spirits were a little down that we lost the lead, but we dug deep and followed our next direction – to run to The S.L.U.T. where we had to take a ride and finish a sudoku puzzle before we could get off and run back to home base. We thought we were finished at this point, NOT!

We continued to push our physical abilities on our next leg as we biked to the Seattle Language School in Fremont where we were required to memorize a phrase in Russian (thanks again to Mark who is fluent in Russian, this one was a piece of cake!)… then bike to the Red Door Bar where we had to taste and correctly identify 4 different types of beer, I admit I was pretty good at this one. Then we rode over to take a photo with the Lenin statue so we could biked back. We were finally finished! 5 hours and 2 minutes to completion and a 3rd place finish.

I am amazed and proud of my teammates for their accomplishments in this race. I am sure they are a bit soar this morning, but heck, they have both trained with me so I know they will recover quickly.

Look for this race next year if you feel like it would be fun to you!

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