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Warrior Dash WA 2011

July 18, 2011

Muddy sneakers left behind

Mission accomplished: My first Warrior Dash completed in North Bend Washington, July 17th 2011 with my friend Tiffany.  Now that I am home writing about it (clean and comfortable) it seems a bit of a blur- a muddy blur!  It was great, dirty fun!  The most challenging part was trying to untie our mud-caked shoe laces afterwards, and waiting in line (for everything).  The most fun part…participating in this adventurous event with an old friend and drinking beer & chilling post race.  We skipped the gargantuan turkey legs they were offering and opted for a picnic of cherries, snap peas, oranges & bananas.

 It was a little scary leaping over roaring fire, but EMT’s were close by, just encase…if THAT person to trip was me, I would finally have a good story for my latest injury!  I wore a go pro camera strapped to my chest throughout the race so check back for a video compliments of Mark Brent ( to see how it looked from my point of view.  All in all, what better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon – got a great workout, caught up with an old friend, and got to write about it to share with you all!  Oh and the bonus – free body mud mask ;)

Tiffany post race

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