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bob_sm-copy.jpgLiving with cancer for the past 10 years might put a damper on some people’s lives. But not Bob Wraith’s. Bob has more energy and positive attitude then I’ve ever seen in any 75 year old man – ever! In the 7 months that Bob has been working out at The Exercise Space he has put on 4lbs of muscle and lost 7 lbs of fat – congrats Bob! Not only that, his blood sugar has dropped significantly, and his balance and stability make it look like he stands on a Bosu all day long.

I began working with Robert Wraith on February 27th, 2008. At 5′-7.5″ and 153.6 pounds and a body fat of 29.7%, Bob and I first began working on his stability and balance along with muscular endurance and strength. After just a couple weeks of working with him he began his month of cancer treatment. I did not see Bob for the month of March due to his lack of energy and contraction of bronchitis during his treatment. Come April we picked up where we left off and continued to work on his balance and stability while strength training. Doing exercises such as him standing on a BOSU ball (a half rubber ball on a base which is controlled, yet unstable) and lifting 8 lb dumbbells in bicep curls and shoulder presses or playing catch with me while on the ball challenging his coordination and core stability. Or standing on 1 leg while shoulder pressing tubes filled with water (for lateral ligament and joint stability challenges). I have seen remarkable gains in his stability and core strength. He can now do stationary lunges while standing on a foam balance beam! Every session we work on different exercises targeting a full body workout in a circuit so we can move from exercise to exercise without having to rest much in between. Bob’s body fat has gone down several % over the past months and his weight was ranging from 148lbs-152lbs on any given week. I saw the most overall gains back in July when he had an increase of 5 lbs of muscle and a loss of 7 lbs of fat (since last February). I noticed when he began coaching football a few weeks ago, and began his treatment 2 weeks ago, his weight has dropped down to 146 lbs (losing a bit of his lean body mass). However, during this month of treatment I have seen him every week. He has the same energy level he has had in previous weeks and I notice no difference in his abilities, endurance, balance, or strength. I find this amazing. Currently we are working on building back that muscle tissue and, as always, keeping his sweet tooth in control!

You are truly an inspiration Bob.

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